Elain Thompson
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Elain Thompson
Latest Work : Crooked Palms on Main
" Elaine's work captures the character and beauty of the city I love with depth and simplicity, richness and authenticity."
- Tamie Vervoorn
About Elain

Artist Elain Thompson is not unlike the art she creates.  From scraping and brushing a palette of oils, to the casual observations made of the world around her, beneath the surface lies a subtle and layered brilliance.

Elain's skills have been developed through formal training at both Ventura College and Santa Barbara Art Institute, and then mastered through over 30 years of experience.  Thompson has been acclaimed for works in many mediums, including pastels and watercolors.  She has also been recognized widely for grand scale projects, most notably for a commissioned 14,000 square foot mural that has since appeared in a variety of publications and media.  Thompson has spent recent years focusing her talents on the medium scale oil on canvas with the subjects of California  land, city and seascapes.

Elain's paintings have been distinguished by collectors and admirers as work that achieves a seamless connection between subject and treatment.  For example, the nature of the subject and elements of light change in the course of the day, a condition that Thompson feels are mirrored in qualities found in the medium of oil.  Elain is passionate about using elements of light and color and composition to capture those fleeting moments of clarity and beauty.  

When not painting she can be found playing with her grandchildren or tending to the flowers surrounding her sunny studio. Elain currently lives and paints in the coastal city of Ventura California.